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from a Banano public key

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What is Banano?

Banano is a feeless, instant and rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology that is designed to disrupt the meme economy.

Banano is the first offical fork of the cryptocurrency NANO. It's purpose is to lower the technological entry-berriers of cryptocurrencies and thus make them accessible for everyone.

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What is a monKey?

A monKey is a unique monkey-shaped avatar that is generated using a Banano public key.

Each monKey has a unique combination of fur color, eye color and additional accessories such as hats, glasses, shirts, pants, mouth types, tail decorations etc. The value of the accessories is classified into 3 categories: Basic (the ratio ranges from 1/2 to 1/32 monKeys), Rare (1/1024 monKeys) and Premium (1/10,240 monKeys).

There are hundreds of billions of possible monKey combinations. Your monKey is unique, no one has the same monKey as you!

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Try It Now!

Enter a Banano wallet address and press the "Generate monKey" button.

If you do not have a Banano wallet, easily create one NOW .

You can also generate a random public key for testing by pressing the "R" button.





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I think meme coins are hilarious. We have one, we have Banano. I like those guys

Colin LeMahieu

Founder, Nano

Vitalik clapping, Vitalik is impress

Vitalik Buterin

Co-Founder, Ethereum

How does it feel like to be loved, can someone explain?


Developer, Banano

Why monKey

Super Easy

Anytime you need a monKey, just call the image endpoint that can be found in the documentations.

Multiple Image Formats

monKeys are suited for web applications as well as native applications by being generated in both SVG format and PNG format.

Unthinkable Number Of Combinations

An RGB color ranges from (0,0,0) to (255,255,255). Therefore, there are 256^3 = 16,777,216 color options. By examining fur color and eye color generation we get 16,777,216^2 = 281,474,976,710,656 monKey options. This is without even considering the 7 classes of accessories.

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Fast Loading Times

Thanks to a combination of AWS CloudFront, a custom made SVG parser and gzipped images, monKey generation is fast and suitable for web apps.

Third Party Data API

You can see and use your monKey's metadata. Just call the api endpoint that can be found in the documentations.

Prevents Money Loss

It is very easy to mistake one public key for another as a typo in one or more characters in a 64 character string is hardly visible by the human eye. A pictorial bip39 public key can prevent funds loss.